• Easy steps to overcoming insecurities and strengthening your life

    "I've read dozens and dozens of self-help books and figured I'd heard it all, but I walked away with some great new tools from this little gem of a book. I only wish I'd found it sooner. If you want to start the journey towards being your true self, start here."

    Lisa Macdonough,
    NY, USA

  • Easy steps to overcoming insecurities and strengthening your life

    "This book was fantastic - it really changed my behaviour and it made me confident in all situations. This book is a must read!!"

    Lisa Macdonough,
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Easy steps to overcoming insecurities and strengthening your life

    "This book provides all the necessary information along with techniques and suggestions. All that the read has to provide is willingness and an open mind

    The result of combining the book's content and the reader's co-operation has, in my opinion, opened up another dimension to my life. The easy style of writing, minus any abstract thoughts or psychological jargon have provided something quite unique in terms of self help."

    Bobby Kirk
    Glasgow, UK

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Transform your life with this practical guide to self-acceptance and happiness

Have you ever heard someone say 'just be yourself,' as though it's the answer to everything? It can be very difficult to be yourself, especially if you don't really know who you are anymore.

Learning how to be yourself and feel genuinely comfortable is the first step towards living a happy and meaningful life. In How To Be Yourself, psychologist Jane Briscoe and her co-author, Simone Essex, deliver an empowering collection of techniques combining the use of acceptance and commitment therapy, positive psychology, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. These techniques are designed to aid in

  • Understanding exactly who you are and how the human mind works;
  • Identifying and embracing your values, strengths and personality style;
  • Reducing stress, worry and insecurities;
  • Overcoming the fear of judgement;
  • Handling difficult and painful thoughts effectively.

As a bonus, How To Be Yourself comes with a hypnosis CD. Listen to the CD to help reinforce the powerful strategies offered throughout the guide. By embracing these techniques, anyone can experience authentic happiness.

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